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Youtube Thumbnail Download

This is not enough that you make a very good video and upload it on YouTube. Many YouTubers and social media stars create amazing videos but due to lack of graphic designing skills, they aren’t able to create the attractive thumbnail. They use a normal thumbnail to upload with the videos and that's why videos don't go viral.

The Video thumbnail needs to be as good as the video. The real problem is how to find whether the thumbnail that you have created is good or not. That's why it is suggested to search for a YouTube video like yours and download the thumbnail by our thumbnail downloader tool. later you can use those thumbnails to get ideas to create a similar or better one for your videos too.

How to download YouTube thumbnails from your videos.

If you want to download the thumbnail of any video then you need to copy the URL of that particular video and paste it in the tool that has given above. Hit the download video thumbnail button and you will get the several thumbnail results in a few seconds. After that, you can simply download thumbnails of your choice.

Free thumbnail download.

By the way, there are many Tools and software available which have the facility to download thumbnails but are often paid. While with the help of our tools, you can download YouTube thumbnails for free. Every day you can download as much as you wish and you can use it with your’s videos.

How to view YouTube thumbnail image?

Normally it is not easy to view YouTube thumbnail image. But if you want to see the thumbnail image of the video, then paste it in the link box of the video and click on the view thumbnail image. A thumbnail image will appear in front of you. You can select a thumbnail for your video using your image and post it along with the video.

Download Thumbnail for PC.

This is a free YouTube tool with which you can download thumbnails directly into your PC or laptop. Enter the link of the video in the form above and click on the option with the download thumbnail option. In a few seconds, you will get search results with thumbnail availability. You can save these thumbnail images to the PC in 1280x720 size. All you have to do is right-click on the images and go to thumbnail save option and click.

How to make a YouTube thumbnail?

Creating YouTube thumbnails is really an art. You can use any graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, Microsoft PowerPoint to create them. But when making a thumbnail take care of these important things. Do not use extra or more colors. Use the same color that can be easily seen on every device. Do not keep the text size too small. Use only 3 colors for maximum. Rename your thumbnail and name it the same as your video. The name must contain the same name as the alphabets and characters in the video. Needless to avoid using many images. This is not good for the promotion of the video. When everything related to your thumbnail is ready, then import it into PNG format. By doing this, the quality of the thumbnail is good. After this, you save this file on the desktop.

Download thumbnail for Android.

You can open this tool in Android device and download the thumbnail directly to your phone or tablet. If you want to see the thumbnail image of the video, then paste it in the link box of the video and click on the view thumbnail image. You will see thumbnail files in high quality. You can save them on your device.

Youtube thumbnail downloader APK.

We have also created our YouTube thumbnail downloader tool APK for ease of YouTubers. Click on the given link and you can install this file directly in your Android device. You can download a YouTube thumbnail downloader from Google Play Store. This is absolutely free of cost.

YouTube thumbnail template

I will suggest that you use a fixed template according to your YouTube channel. As soon as you upload a video, the notification of the video goes to your viewers, followers, and subscribers. Your followers and subscribers like you. They identify your video with its visuals. If you change the thumbnail every day, your viewers will not be able to find out who’s this video is. But the color and text in the graphic of your thumbnail are always the same, so viewers will recognize without any problem that the video is yours. Your videos will become more reachable. I will give you some YouTube thumbnail templates, click to download, use them in your videos.

Youtube video thumbnail size and dimension.

The recommended size of YouTube thumbnail is 1280x720. Less than this or more than this will not be a perfect size and not look good.

Download or grab YouTube video thumbnail in full size HD 1080p.

YouTube thumbnail download tool gives you the facility to download full size thumbnails. You can download the thumbnail in HD 1080P quality using this tool.

YouTube thumbnail download script.

If you want the script, we can write the script for you according to your needs, which you can use in your online business anytime. For this, you can contact us . We look forward to your service.

Grab Youtube Thumbnail

YouTube thumbnail grabber is a very reliable tool, and its unique features render it first on the list, with a user-friendly panel and easy to use interface. It lets you quickly open your thumbnail from YouTube. All you need to do is visit the website, and paste the video link to YouTube on the URL bar given. Wait for the page to refresh, and give the video thumbnail in different resolutions once you've pasted the URL. The program is user-friendly and easy to use and is already a common favorite for its unique qualities.

How to find the thumbnail of a youtube video.

You can find the thumbnail of a youtube video very easily just copy and paste the URL of youtube video in this Tool.

How To Save Youtube Thumbnail?

There are many ways to to save youtube thumbnail. Here we'll just explain how you can save the thumbnail of any video by using this simple tool.

  • Type the video URL of YouTube video in the form above, and press on the Get Thumbnailbutton.
  • You will now see YouTube Video Thumbnail in the form with HD quality.
  • Tap on the "Open Thumbnail" button to open the full-size thumbnail image of the YouTube video that you ordered. Now click on thumbnail save.


For example, there are copy right strikes come on copying videos from YouTube. In the same way, copying thumbnails can also get strikes. This tool is designed for your learning purpose, which gives you amazing ideas. So, it would be better to edit the downloaded thumbnails a little, before using them. If you have the permission of the owner to use the thumbnail, then you can use it without editing it.